The history of the bundt cake
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The History of the Bundt Cake

The History of the Bundt Cake

There’s probably few people who haven’t heard of bundt cakes. It’s pronounced “bunt” with the “d” being silent. It’s a beautiful ring cake baked in a special bundt pan. The original bundt pans had ridges that gave the cake its classic look.

It’s thought that the original bundt cakes come from Germany, Austria and Hungary and were called bundkuchen. In 1950, the cake had become so popular that H. David Dalquist trademarked the name, “bundt pan”. Dalquist, who was the founder of Nordic Ware, made the bundt pans in response to requests made by members of the Hadassah Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A Jewish group of women wanted to make cakes they remembered growing up with in Europe.

The real push in pan sales happened in 1966 when Pillsbury sponsored a baking contest where a bundt cake won second place. It still is every bit as popular, especially considering the fancy modifications that have been made to the original design. Now manufacturers have taken the bundt pan to new heights with various patterns in the pan, some creating shapes like a castle or a train.

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This is our favorite shaped bundt pan—the chrysanthemum. The finished cake is so pretty that you don't even need to frost it.